ESCUBE GARDEN Universal, 15 lESCUBE GARDEN Universal, 15 l
All-in-one soil amendment from a mixture of natural substances consisting of water extraction of peat, leonardite, vermi compost and extract from seaweed with polysaccharide microgels and a wetting agent to improve soil water management.

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It improves the plant vitality and growth, enlarges roots and supports development of the root hair system. It enhances the efficiency of nutrient uptake and supports soil regeneration.

Scope of use and application method:
For sufficient amount of rainwater, apply amendment diluted with fresh water in the 1:100 ratio by watering or spraying once in 3 months in June/July. Under insufficient amount of rainwater, apply amendment diluted with water in 1:200 ratio once a month during the vegetation period. It can be combined with plant protection products and water-soluble foliar nutrition, it can be used in both manual and automatic irrigation systems. Shake before use. Do not spray on direct sunlight. Caution: Suggested application rate is only tentative. For your application consider the actual needs of treated plants. 

Vegetation period: May – October

Declared nutrient content:
Traces of Fe, Mn, Mg, Zn, S, Cu and B. Product contains mixture of natural superabsorbents and moisturizers. Content of humic substances min. 9.5 % and biostimulants (aminoacids, enzymes, phytohormones) min. 4.5 %; pH = 1-3.

Content of hazardous elements is below the legally set limits (mg/kg):
Cd 1; Hg 1; Pb 1.0; As 20; Cr 50.

Storage conditions:
Store in clean, dry, sufficiently ventilated area separated from food, drinks and animal feeds, keep away from children, recommended storage temperature 4–25 °C.

Health protection and work safety:
It is necessary to ensure standard of personal hygiene and work safety. After contact with skin, wash the area of skin with fresh water. When contacted with eyes, carefully wash with fresh water several times, remove contact lenses. Discart disposable lenses. Wash multiuse contact lenses carefully in the solution you commonly use for their regular cleaning. When accidentally swallen, rinse your mouth with drinking water and drink approximately 0.7 l of drinking water. In any case, visit of a doctor is recommended.

Shelf life:
3 years from the date shown on the package.

Disposal of the unused amendment:
Unused remaining amendment can be sprayed of compost after further dilution with fresh water in the 1:200 ratio.

Disposal of the container:
Used empty plastic containers can be disposed into public plastic waste disposal facilities. The product is delivered packaged.

Volume content:
15 l

Net weight:
15.750 kg

ESCUBE, s.r.o., Řípská 1321/11c, 627 00 Brno, CZ. This product can be used in organic farming according to Regulation (EU) 2018/848 of the European Parliament and of the Council on organic production and labelling of organic products.