Patented Escube products result from long term academic research, development and scaling up of production technologies and application field tests performed under the lead of SCITEG, a.s. team, with contributions from top scientists, engineers, practitioners and experts in plant nutrition and soil science from Czech Republic (Institute of Plant Nutrition and Pedology, Faculty of Agronomy, Mendel University) and experts in water management from Water for Food Institute (University of Nebrasca, USA).

University Brno, University Nebrasca




Greener and more efficient farming.

Escube combines soil wetting agents and wetting agents with hydroabsorbent microgel carriers for biostimulants.

Microglia release humins, enzymes and phytohormones in a time-controlled manner based on external or internal stimuli. Due to their small size, the carriers penetrate down to the hair roots.

Natural hydroabsorbents, wetting agents and wetting agents improve soil moisture management. They retain rainwater, reduce evaporation and reduce surface runoff.

  • passive water retention
  • reduction of surface runoff
  • reduction of evaporation




What do the experts say about ESCUBE?

prof. RNDr. Josef Jančář, CSc.
"I am a scientist with a long-standing passion for horse breeding. Progressive climate change cannot be ignored, and I have been thinking about how to use the modern knowledge gained in the field of controlled drug administration and the results of research into the superabsorption and hygroscopic properties of natural substances and link them to the pursuit of organic and sustainable agriculture. We managed to assemble a team of top scientists, take advantage of long-term cooperation with leading Czech and foreign universities and research institutions and the result is ESCUBE - an easy-to-apply product combining controlled dosing of nutrients and bioactive substances with soil water management."
prof. RNDr. Josef Jančář, CSc., scientist and horse breeder

Ing. Kamila Krejčiříková Ph.D. a Doc. Ing. Přemysl Krejčiřík Ph.D.
"Due to climate change and fluctuations in soil moisture levels, we have been designing various soil conditioners and soil conditioners in our projects for some time. Escube products are a new level of these products for us. They are 100% organic, combine multiple functions into one (water retention, soil structure and plant nutrition) and represent the hope for improved prosperity of our designed vegetation elements in gardens, parks and landscapes. We are thrilled that the art of Czech scientists is pushing the development in this innovative direction and we believe that it will be fully proven in practice by small growers and gardeners."
Ing. Kamila Krejčiříková Ph.D. a Doc. Ing. Přemysl Krejčiřík Ph.D., garden architects

Ing. Marie Bartíková, Ph.D.
"Root system and soil conditions can often tell me what has caused the loss of plant vigour and my first questions are about the amount of water and nutrients available - the cornerstones of growing healthy plants. Escube's products not only promote good soil properties, but at the same time come up with an ingenious solution to minimise microplastics in the soil, thus being kind to our environment."
Ing. Marie Bartíková, Ph.D., phytopathologist





Due to personal interest in organic farming and horse breeding, the management of the parent company SCITEG, a.s. created a team with the aim of responding to the advancing climate change by using the knowledge gained in the field of controlled drug administration and the results obtained in the research of the superabsorption and hygroscopic properties of natural substances into an easily applied product combining controlled dosage of nutrients and bioactive substances with water management in the soil. In the final stage of development, the SCITEG, a.s. team also used its long-term cooperation with leading Czech and foreign universities and research institutions to optimize the composition, application form and dosage of ESCUBE products.

Thanks to its unique combination of nutrient carriers and other substances, ESCUBE has future potential in a range of areas from agriculture, horticulture and forestry to urban green space management, green architecture and sports fields to horticulture and floriculture. In addition, the composition and application form of ESCUBE can be tailored to specific climatic and soil conditions and plant types. We are currently testing all these possibilities. If you are interested in the current state of research for a specific crop type/climatic condition, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hydrogels, or more correctly superabsorbent polymers (SAP), used in agriculture, are synthetic polymers based on potassium salts of polyacrylic acid (potassium polyacrylate) in powder or granular form. The use of sodium salts of polyacrylic acid, used as a superabsorbent component in diapers and other hygiene products, is not suitable for agricultural applications. The hydrogels sold are merely repackaging of polymers from bulk production and contain no other functional ingredient apart from SAP, and their main role is passive water retention in the root depth, which can have a positive effect in dry periods. However, current research shows that their use can negatively affect the availability of some water-soluble nutrients to plants under normal rainfall conditions, as they may be incorporated into SAP particles when rainwater is absorbed but are no longer able to be released and used by plants due to interactions with the SAP structure.

SAPs are also components of so-called soil conditioners, which are usually mixtures where SAPs are mixed with other substances such as fertilisers, compost, growth promoters and possibly soil substrate, so that they have more functions than simply passively retaining rainwater, as in hydrogels alone. However, this is also reflected in their relatively high cost, significantly limiting their large-scale application. In addition, the use of synthetic SAPs in soil conditioners hinders their applicability in organic farming and in the production of organic food. Even the most modern soil conditioners currently available do not provide a release of individual nutrients controlled according to the needs of the current vegetation state of a particular plant type as offered by ESCUBE.

The first difference is the application form. Unlike soil conditioners produced almost exclusively in solid form, ESCUBE is available in both liquid and solid form. Moreover, both forms of ESCUBE are made entirely from natural raw materials and are fully biodegradable without the formation of hazardous residues, making them applicable in organic farming and organic food production. In addition to all the functions of a modern soil conditioner, liquid ESCUBE also offers improved infiltration of rainwater or irrigation water, active reduction of water evaporation from the soil and a real, not just slowed, release of individual nutrients, microelements and germination and sprouting substances. All this with easy application by conventional spraying technology Solid ESCUBE, developed in granular or pellet form, is more than a modern soil conditioner. Each individual ESCUBE granule contains all the functions of a modern soil conditioner and, in addition, supports the active limitation of water evaporation from the soil and the real, not just slow, control of the release of individual nutrients and microelements, substances that promote germination, root development and plant vigour. ESCUBE can also release the same nutrient multiple times as needed at different stages of plant development. ESCUBE is easy to apply in large areas using conventional spreading or seeding (corn under heel) techniques.

  • amino acids help mineral absorption
  • mannitol and other polysaccharides form chelates with trace elements and provide energy to microorganisms beneficial to plants
  • betaine stimulates chlorophyll production and increases resistance to abiotic stress
  • B-vitamins stimulate cell metabolism and activate natural plant immunity natural growth hormones (auxins, gibberellins and cytokinins) stimulate germination, root growth, stem elongation and accelerated fruit and flower formation

The ability of conventional hydrogels to retain water is related not only to the type of superabsorbent polymer used, but also to the properties of the water. As the mineral content of the water increases, the water retention capacity decreases and the amount of water released to the plants is limited. Although modern soil conditioners have a lower retention capacity than hydrogels or SAPs used in, for example, diapers, they are able to release up to 95% of the retained water back to the plants. The components of ESCUBE products are formulated to combine high passive water retention and efficient release of water to the plant with active attraction of water vapour evaporating from the soil and condensing it into liquid water. This increases the amount of rainfall or irrigation water available to the plants.

ESCUBE is a fully naturally degradable product with no residues. Under normal rainfall conditions, the substances of the liquid product will decompose in normal soil with an average soil bacterial content within 90 days of application.

Yes, it is possible, especially with plant protection products. In fact, ESCUBE is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of a specific plant type during its growing season. In addition, ESCUBE contains hydroabsorbents, hygroscopic substances and ingredients that promote germination and more efficient nutrient uptake by encouraging the development of a root system that makes better use of the nutrients in the soil. If you are unsure, we recommend that you consult us for specific advice.

At this time, ESCUBE is available in liquid form for spray or drench application. In the future, we also expect ESCUBE to be available in solid form as granules for application by conventional machine and hand spreaders. Please contact us for more information.

If you are interested in purchasing a larger quantity of the product, please contact us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., tel. +420 728 282 282). We will discuss the terms individually. For larger volume orders we also supply ESCUBE in barrels or 1000 l containers.

Our website does not work like a traditional e-shop. After you send your order via the order form, we will contact you within 2 working days, agree with you the terms of delivery and send you payment details for payment by bank transfer. The goods are shipped after the payment is credited to our account. You can pick up the goods from one of our dealers or we will deliver them via a shipping company to your address.

The patented ESCUBE products are the result of research and development under the supervision of the team of SCITEG, a.s. under the leadership of Prof. Josef Jančář, which involved top scientists and plant nutrition practitioners from the Czech Republic (the team of the Faculty of Agronomy of Mendel University in Brno under the leadership of doc. A separate company Escube, s.r.o., based in Brno, was established for the sale and further development of the ESCUBE product line.