In summer, periods of intense heat alternate with torrential downpours, and grass, shrubs and trees suffer from drought for most of the summer.

Trees in the countryside are protected from drought by a combination of factors: they grow over large areas, usually with shrubs and grasses nearby. This makes it much harder for moisture to be lost from this environment, and the whole area retains water better. However, most trees grown in private gardens do not grow in this optimal environment. 

Stand-alone trees on the plot have a reduced water-holding capacity and thus suffer from drought and, in the case of fruit trees, unfortunately, do not produce the bountiful harvest we hope for. It is, therefore, up to everyone to give their trees the irrigation they need in this scorching weather. In the worst-case scenario, many trees may even wither without help. 

The first help for trees in hot weather is regularly watering them. Although they may appear to have deep roots, the water table may have dropped, and the trees will not get moisture in the dry soil. Therefore, you shall pour a bucket or jug of water daily near your tree. The ideal time for watering is in the morning or early evening.

Another way to help the trees is to apply a soil conditioner. These contain substances similar to those in absorbent diapers (for water retention), growth promoters, fertilizers and other ingredients that plants need to thrive. Unfortunately, if synthetic in origin, the base component is not organic, and if you apply such conditioners to fruiting trees, they lose their "organic" quality.

That is why we have developed ESCUBE GARDEN Trees. An organic biostimulant that contains only degradable ingredients. With the regular application of an adequately diluted product, the soil quality around the trees will improve. The soil can retain water better, and the tree will last longer than expected with a slight watering. Proper care also helps green growth and maintain vigour during heat stress throughout the year.

The heat periods can vary from year to year; sometimes, it will be dry for a whole month, and other times, there will be torrential rain every week. But what is certain is that if you want your trees to stay healthy for as long as possible and bring you joy and, more importantly, benefit, you must not stop caring for them. Not just by regular pruning but by fertilizing, watering and using the correct aids. Stand-alone trees, in particular, need your extra care.