October and November are the ideal time for laying a grass carpet. Thanks to cooler temperatures and sufficient moisture, the lawn has plenty of time to establish its root system before winter. The following steps will help you create a beautiful and healthy lawn.

Choosing the right type of grass

Consider your local climate conditions before you start laying your grass carpet. Then, ideally, choose a grass species suitable for your area. Even in the Czech Republic, there are drier or wetter geographical locations. Of course, you can also select the type of grass according to the purpose of your intended planting. 

However, such lawns are often monocultures by default and are more challenging to look after. You can also choose between stress lawns (if you plan to do a lot of sports on it), ornamental lawns (which you don't want to step on) and recreational lawns (where you have a picnic once in a while).

You can also choose a mixture of different grass types, which significantly improves the durability of the future lawn. There are also seed mixes suitable for shade behind the house or grasses with faster growth.

Soil preparation

First, remove the native grass, weeds and other plants from where you will establish the lawn. This is the most challenging part of the process, as in most cases, a lot of manual work with a spade and hoe will be required. Compost the weeded plants well away from the new lawn area and ensure the soil is loose and cleaned before seeding. It should be aerated and permeable to water.

Sowing grass

Sow the grass evenly on the prepared soil. Also, keep in mind the recommended sowing rate for the grass species. If you are still determining whether you can spread the seed evenly, try using an automatic seed spreader. After sowing, lightly roll the lawn with a roller or squeezer to ensure the seeds are well-pressed into the soil.

Watering the established lawn

After sowing, water the lawn thoroughly so that the seeds come into contact with the moist soil and start to germinate. Keep the soil moist until the grass is well established. The ideal time for watering is in the morning.

Care after sowing

Check the lawn regularly and remove any weeds or pests that may be present. The first mowing should occur when the grass is about 7 to 10 centimetres tall. This will give the grass an incentive to grow actively. The lawn should have time to establish itself properly during the first year. So try not to walk on it too much yet.

Use fertilisers and biostimulants

To add even more vitality to your lawn, you can use a fertiliser rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to encourage its growth. Ideally, choose a fertiliser explicitly designed for lawns. Also, consider using biostimulants. For example, we have developed Escube Garden Grass, which significantly improves root formation, promotes growth and reduces the amount of watering required. In addition, this product will increase your lawn's resistance to snow mold in the fall before winter.

Establishing a grass carpet in the fall has many benefits and can help you achieve a beautiful, healthy lawn in the upcoming season. You can look forward to beautiful green grass in your neighbourhood next year if you maintain regular care.