aumento de materia verde
85 %
aumento de materia verde
mejorar la germinación y fortalecer el sistema radicular
75 %
mejorar la germinación y fortalecer el sistema radicular
aumentar la vitalidad de las plantas en periodos de estrés climático
60 %
aumentar la vitalidad de las plantas en periodos de estrés climático
uso más eficiente del agua de lluvia y una reducción en la cantidad de riego
50 %
uso más eficiente del agua de lluvia y una reducción en la cantidad de riego

Escube reemplaza la función de varias preparaciones separadas para la vitalidad de la planta y el suelo.

  1. medios que contienen microelementos y bioestimulantes
  2. medios para la regeneración del suelo
  3. preparativos para una mejor gestión del agua


Growing a beautiful and healthy lawn takes effort and perseverance. So we've put together some tips to help you have your green oasis.

Planting a new lawn

When planting a lawn, choosing the right type of grass for your area and the planting season is essential. There are grasses suitable for shady slopes, with more excellent sun resistance, or even classic English lawns. Once you have chosen the correct type of grass, you also need to prepare the ground for planting. The soil should be thoroughly weeded and prepared for sowing. 

After sowing, regular watering is needed to allow the grass seeds to germinate. The area should be kept continuously moist until it is completely overgrown. 

You can use the innovative bioactive product Escube grass to help the seeds germinate and the root system grows faster. This is a specific type of biostimulant that not only helps with the establishment of new lawns but also simplifies their subsequent maintenance. In addition, the unique composition of Escube grass biostimulant improves the overall quality of the soil and retains moisture. This makes the grass grow better and saves you money on watering.

Replenish your existing lawn.

Maybe your lawn has developed dead brown patches, or moss has grown too much, and you see more dirt than green after lawn scarifying. Then, unfortunately, you must remove the remaining grass and replant the resulting area. 

This, of course, needs to be given to special attention, especially at first, and watering. Using supporting fertilizers to fill these areas with new green grass as soon as possible is advisable.

Lawn maintenance and care

Regular maintenance is, unfortunately, essential if you want your lawn to stay healthy and beautiful. First, ensure that your yard has enough moisture, especially during the dry summer. If you use Escube grass product, your lawn will be more resilient to these vagaries of the weather, and you won't need to water as much. 

You'll also need to mow your lawn regularly. You can keep the grass as short as 5 cm in spring and autumn, but your property will benefit from up to 10 cm in summer. In addition, you can leave the grass cuttings directly on the lawn to encourage the natural renewal of nutrients in the soil.

You can achieve the desired grass length using mowers with adjustable cutting heights. In spring (March, April) and autumn (September, October), using a lawn scarifier on the lawn is a good idea. Although it may initially seem that you are hurting your beautiful yard, the opposite is true. 

Verticutting removes moss, evens out the density of the grass, aerates the root system and allows the grass to thrive better. You can also let your lawn fall into leaves in the autumn. However, digging up loose leaves in spring would be best to prevent unwanted moss from growing.

Fertilizing the lawn

It is also essential to supply the lawn with the necessary nutrients. Fertilization should be carried out regularly and by the needs of the chosen grass species. It is ideal to use fertilizer sprayers to fertilize lawn areas. If you want to make your job easier, Escube grass will help you to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful in every season. 

If you want a lawn that will thrive all year round, you must ensure you take the proper care. However, with Escube products, you can make this never-ending job a lot easier.

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