We are from Brno, Czech Republic and we are engaged in the development and production of organic soil conditioners. Our products are 100% natural and fulfil the function of several separate products in one. They replace the separate use of earthworm compost leachate, humic substances, wetting agents, soil softeners, soil probiotics and biostimulants.

When developing ESCUBE soil formulations, it was important to us that they were environmentally friendly and applicable to organic farming and organic food production. The products have a natural composition and are completely biodegradable - their ingredients are brokendown by soil microorganisms after 30-90 days. The products also meet the requirements of the new European Union legislation banning the use of products with microplastics.

We are a Czech company. We focus on research and development of products for plant vitality and soil health using nanotechnology. The result of several years of research is the unique formulation of the multifunctional product ESCUBE.