More eco-friendly and effective agriculture with functions of several single purpose products in one preparation.

Patented ESCUBE preparations combine complex suspension liquid, natural biostimulant carriers, germination compounds, microhydroabsorbents and soil moisturizers accelerating, supporting extension of the roots, improving nutrient uptake and metabolism and supplying soil regeneration moieties.

Micro-carriers release nutrients and other compounds in a pre-programmed manner upon external (pH, humidity, temperature) or internal (carrier composition, size, geometry and morphology) stimuli.



Simultaneously with the release of biostimulants, ESCUBE biodegradable natural hydroabsorbents and soil moisturizers improve water infiltration and management of soil humidity by reducing evaporation.

  • passive water retention
  • reduction of surface run-off
  • reduction of evaporation

“Jsem vědec s dlouholetou vášní pro chov koní. Postupující změny klimatu nelze přehlížet a zamýšlel jsem se tedy nad tím, jak využít moderní poznatky získané v oblasti řízené administrace léčiv a výsledky výzkumu superabsorpčních a hygroskopických vlastností přírodních látek a propojit je se snahou o ekologické a udržitelné zemědělství. Podařilo se sestavit tým špičkových vědců, využít dlouhodobé spolupráce s předními českými i zahraničními univerzitami a výzkumnými institucemi a výsledkem je ESCUBE - snadno aplikovatelný prostředek, kombinující řízené dávkování živin a bioaktivních látek s managementem vody v půdě.”

prof. RNDr. Josef Jančář, CSc., vědec a chovatel koní

Patented Escube products result from long term academic research, development and scaling up of production technologies and application field tests performed under the lead of SCITEG, a.s. team, with contributions from top scientists, engineers, practitioners and experts in plant nutrition and soil science from Cyech Republic (Institute of Plant Nutrition and Pedology, Faculty of Agronomy, Mendel University) and expersts in water management from Water for Food Institute (University of Nebrasca, USA).


  • How ESCUBE preparations have been developed?

  • How ESCUBE preparations have been developed?

    Horseback riding and sport horse breeding is the main hobby of our mother company SCITEG´s owner, Prof. Jancar and his family. The climate changes leading to the drought in Europe in 2018 caused a shortage of hey and pasture, so his wife Ilona, a respected environmental law professor, inspired him to use his 30 years of experince in research of hydrogels, controlled drug delivery, smart materials and bio-nanotechnologies to develop preparations enabling management of soil humidity, smart administration of nutrients, and biostimulants to plants from natural, biodegradable components. In few months, Prof. Jancar and his young enthusiastic team of SCITEG researchers developed and patented technology for the liquid ESCUBE soil amendments. The discovery quickly found an investor and was spun-off by SCITEG into ESCUBE, s.r.o. Then, the SCITEG team used its long term collaboration with top Czech (Mendel University) and foreign research institutions (University of Nebraska) for greenhouse and field tests needed for optimizing the composition and dosing of the preparations for specific plants and different external conditions.
  • Where liquid ESCUBE preparations are used?

  • Where liquid ESCUBE preparations are used?

    ESCUBE liquid preparations are used in agriculture, horticulture, nurseries, orchards, vineyards as well as in maintenance of sport fields, golf courses, city greens, parks and private lawns. Specific application areas include green buildings and hydrosowing. Other possible applications are under testing. If you are interested in any specific plant, soil type or climate conditions, please, do not hesitate and contact us with your inquiery.
  • What is the agricultural „hydrogel“ or „superabsorbent“?

  • What is the agricultural „hydrogel“ or „superabsorbent“?

    The superabsorbent polymers (SAP), sold as powders or pellets and commonly known as hydrogels, are used to retain water in the soil. Most often, the SAP is the potassium or sodium salt of a synthetic polymer of acrylic acid or acrylamid. The sodium salt is the superabsorbent component of disposable diapers and other hygienic products. Unlike the sodium salt, the potasium salt is more suitable for agricultural use. Most hydrogels on the market exhibit large water absorption capacity (400-600 times of the „dry“ hydrogel mass), however, they release only a portion of the retained water back to plants, which can adversely affect the availability of water soluble nutrients to plants. The synthetic nature of the SAP in hydrogels prohibits their utilization in eco-farming and production of biofoods and, moreover, will be banned after 2025 i EU. Natural hydroabsorbents in ESCUBE exhibit similar or even larger absorption capacity (up to 830 times the dry mass) as the synthetic SAP, however, due to their molecular structure they can release more than 90% of the retained water back to plant roots and are fully biodegradable.
  • What is the „soil conditioner“?

  • What is the „soil conditioner“?

    Soil conditioners are usually powders or pellets containing blend of fertilizers, biostimulants, SAP, compost and other solid components being used to improve the quality of soil. Even the most advanced soil conditioners on the market today contain synthetic components (SAP, etc.) prohibiting their application in production of biofoods. In addition, the very high areal cost and complicated large area application techniques of solid soil conditioners prevent their utilization in production farming.
  • How ESCUBE differs from soil conditioners?

  • How ESCUBE differs from soil conditioners?

    Unlike the marketed solid soil conditioners, current ESCUBE preparations are sprayable liquid soil amendments. This means that these products do not provide macro-nutrients as fertilizers, however, they make nutrient uptake and utilization by plants more efficient and, in addition, accelerate germination, enlarge roots and make the plants more resistant to stress from lack of water. Moreover, ESCUBE is manufactured completely from fully biodegradable natural components with no environmentally harmfull degradation residues, making them ideal for eco-farming and production of biofoods. In addition to biostimulation, ESCUBE offers enhanced management of soil humidity (improved water infiltration, active reduction of evaporation and passive water retention) and pre-programmed release of soil nutrients, microelements and biostimulants.
  • Jak fungují přírodní bio-stimulanty v prostředcích ESCUBE?

  • Jak fungují přírodní bio-stimulanty v prostředcích ESCUBE?

    • aminokyseliny pomáhají vstřebávání minerálních látek • manitol a další polysacharidy vytvářejí cheláty se stopovými prvky a poskytují energii mikroorganizmům prospěšným pro rostliny • betain stimuluje produkci chlorofylu a zvyšuje odolnost proti abiotickému stresu • B-vitaminy povzbuzují buněčný metabolismus a aktivují přirozenou imunitu rostlin • přírodní růstové hormony (auxiny, gibereliny a cytokininy) stimulují klíčivost, růst kořenů prodlužování stonků a urychlení tvorby plodů a květů
  • What controls the water retention and release in SAP hydrogels and liquid ESCUBE?

  • What controls the water retention and release in SAP hydrogels and liquid ESCUBE?

    The ability to absorb, retain and release water by common hydrogels depends on the material they are made of and physico-chemical properties of water. The amount of retained and released water for a given hydrogel decreases with increasing mineral content in the water. State of the art soil conditioners use SAPs with smaller retention compared to SAPs used in diapers, however, they release up to 95 % of the absorbed water back to plants, while the other only about 50%. ESCUBE preparations are designed to combine high water retention capacity (up to 950 times the dry weight) and maximum release ability (90-92%). In ESCUBE, this „passive“ water retention is combined with „active“ reduction of water evaporation from soil, thus, enhancing the amount of water availble to plants for a given amount if infiltrated rain or irrigation water.
  • How long lasts liquid ESCUBE in the soil?

  • How long lasts liquid ESCUBE in the soil?

    Liquid ESCUBE preparations are made fully from natural biodegradable or hydrolyzable components degradable into environmentally harmless residui. Under common condition (temperature, humidity, soil quality, pH), ESCUBE is biodegraded by the soil bacteria and fungi within 90 days from application.
  • Can liquid ESCUBE be combined with other products?

  • Can liquid ESCUBE be combined with other products?

    Yes, ESCUBE can advantageously be mixed and applied together with other liquid water soluble products such as plant protective agents, liquid leaf fertilizers, slurry or suds to reduce the application cost. To some extent, ESCUBE partially reduces the ammonia volatilization from urea containing mineral and organic fertilizers. In the foliar application, ESCUBE enhances the uptake of nutrients and protective compounds by the plant leaves. If you are not sure about the correct application protocol, please, contact our customer support for an advice.
  • How liquid ESCUBE soil amendments differ from other foliar preparations?

  • How liquid ESCUBE soil amendments differ from other foliar preparations?

    Overwhelming majority of liquid soil amendments currently on the market are single purpose – wetting agents, liquid fertilizers or biostimulants in the form of water soluble solutions or emulsions. All-in-one liquid ESCUBE preparations consist of two functional components – a transport liquid and microscopic substance carriers suspended in it. The functional transport liquid is a mixture of several natural components improving soil wettability, actively condensing water vapor, accelerate germination and other biostimulants enhancing nutrient uptake by plants. The dispersed, superabsorbent microgels loaded with nutrients and biostimulants retain and release water and provide controlled dosing of nutrients and biostimulants. The liquid form and small size of microgels enable the microgel substance carriers penetrate rapidly to the plant roots. In addition, ESCUBE preparations also contain soil nutrients such as humins, humates, enzymes, compost leachette and other compounds supporting activity of soil microorganisms, thus, improving the soil quality. Liquid ESCUBE is completely from natural components and, unlike the majority of single purpose liquid amendments requiring typically 14 day repetitive application cycle, ESCUBE has 1 to 3 months application cycle, depending on the weather pattern.
  • What are the wholesale conditions for ESCUBE products?

  • What are the wholesale conditions for ESCUBE products?

    In the case of interest, please, contact us (, tel. +420 728 282 282) directly. Terms and conditions are negotiate individually. For larger deliveries, ESCUBE can be supplied in 200 l barrels or 1000 liter containers.
  • What are the available ESCUBE delivery forms?

  • What are the available ESCUBE delivery forms?

    Currently, only liquid ESCUBE preparations were approved by authorities and are available on the market. The recently developed pelletized ESCUBE preparations are undergoing field tests needed for the certification and approval by authorities. For the Spring season 2022, pelletized form of all-in-one ESCUBE is planned to be ready for sale.
  • What does the ESCUBE UNIVERSAL PRO+ and GARDEN product lines bring to the user?

  • What does the ESCUBE UNIVERSAL PRO+ and GARDEN product lines bring to the user?

    UNIVERSAL PRO+ is a liquid soil amendments for foliar application by spraying, irrigation, watering or hydrosowing. ESCUBE improves nutrient metabolism, increases plant vitality and resistence against stress, all in an accord with the nature. They bring substantial increase in the yield of green mass of grasses as well as grain crop (maize, wheat, barley), help revitalize ornamental lawns, sport fields, fairways in golf courses and city greens under both wet and dry conditions and in hydrosowing. The GARDEN product line is used for ornamental tree, shrubs, perennials planting, fruit trees and berries as well as ornamental grass. They greatly accelerate germination, enhance offsetting and growth of the root system, thus, enhancing the seedling survival rate substantially. In nurseries, ESCUBE accelerates growth and survival rate of healthy tree seedlings, tomatos, potatos, other vegies and flowers.
  • What does the ESCUBE AGRO PRO maize product line bring to the user?

  • What does the ESCUBE AGRO PRO maize product line bring to the user?

    The ESCUBE AGRO PRO maize is a liquid soil amendment for foliar application by spraying, irrigation, watering or slurry applicators. ESCUBE improves nutrient metabolism, increases plant vitality and resistence against stress, all in an accord with the nature and bringing substantial increase in the yield of green mass as well as the grain for maize under both wet and dry conditions.
  • What is the difference between the UNIVERSAL PRO+, GARDEN and the AGRO product lines?

  • What is the difference between the UNIVERSAL PRO+, GARDEN and the AGRO product lines?

    The main difference between these product lines is in the type, content and release profile of the biostimulants. They differ in the content of humins and, similarly, in the content of aminoacids, enzymes and phytohormones. In addition, different prodzct lines contain trace elements optimized for the recommended application areas. For more detailed information, see the application manuals ort he product stickers.

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