Do you grow balcony plants and want them to thrive, grow nicely and, above all, bloom? We've put together some tips to make your balcony plants happy and reward you with beautiful flowers.

When growing balcony plants, it is essential to remember a few key factors that contribute to their healthy growth. 

The suitable substrate: When planting your plants, consider their specific requirements. Ordinary dirt from the field cannot provide the right environment and nutrients for your balcony plants to grow. Every good gardening shop has particular substrates with a suitable composition for balcony plants. 

The right amount of water: Ensure you water regularly, but avoid overwatering. Balcony plants usually need more water than plants in the ground, as they can dry out more quickly. Water plants when the soil is dry to the touch, ideally in the morning and evening. You can also try a more generous watering and use the water that runs into the pot (in about half an hour) that the plant doesn't use for other flowers. This will prevent the roots from rotting. 

Sufficient sunlight: Most flowering balcony plants require adequate sunlight. Therefore, place your plants in a sunny location with 4 to 6 hours of daylight daily.

Provide them with nutrition: To achieve the best plant health and a perfect flood of blooms, you can try modern biostimulants. We've developed a particular product, Escube Home Balcony plants, designed to promote healthy growth and abundant flowering in balcony plants.

This product improves nutrient uptake and water balance in pots. The result is healthier and more vigorous plants, more abundant blooms, less need for fertilization, and resistance to adverse conditions. Moreover, 250 ml of the product is enough for 100 litres of watering to last a long time.

We have tested the Escube Home Balcony plants product on our flowers, and below, you can see the difference 14 days after application. The box on the right is after the Escube application.